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Dan Vercammen

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Prof. Dr. Dan K.J. Vercammen


“Since the early 1970s I've been looking for ways to keep my body healthy and safe, to develop my artistic inclination, and to live as naturally as possible. This led me to the discovery of China, ancient Chinese culture, and the Taoist philosophy and lifestyle. In the China of the 1980s I found old masters who imparted me with their knowledge of Taoist inspired martial arts, fine arts and design, and Chinese science and wisdom. They also stimulated me to bring these Chinese treasures to the West. As a tribute to them and their predecessors I keep studying Chinese culture and am still teaching and demonstrating how life can be lived and understood more fully by practicing and enjoying a Taoist inspired life. I sincerely hope I can offer you the means to live happily, healthy, and beautifully."

Having studied many Chinese Martial Arts since 1975 and being a Martial Arts instructor since 1980, there is a lot I can teach you about the practice and backgrounds of Chinese Martial Arts. I'm a scholar - warrior, meaning that I don't only practice fighting, but also study and teach the backgrounds. My main interest is in the Internal Martial Arts and Traditional Weapons and I teach all aspects of these, including sparring, fundamental and advanced theory, history, "wude" (martial arts ethics), etc. I'm an anthropologist-sinologist, a Chinese Martial Arts expert, a Taoist Doctor, Taoist Internal Alchemy expert, and artist (painting, calligraphy, poetry, design). From 1990 till now I have published more than 30 books and articles on Chinese culture, Internal Alchemy & Practice and Internal Martial Arts like Baguazhang, Taijiquan and Qigong.

I first learned Nanquan or Southern Chinese Martial Arts (e.g. Pak Mei and Choy Li Fut) and then added Taijiquan. When I started studying in China (from 1985 onwards) I mainly focused on Yue Huanzhi and Tian Zhaolin lineages of Taijiquan and on the Xingyiquan traditions (Hebei and Henan Styles). From 1988 onwards I also studied Baguazhang. My most important teachers were Fu Qinglong, Li Ziming, Jie Kon-sieuw, Shen Hongxun, Cai Longyun, and Zhou Minde.



I teach Yang Style Taijiquan from the Dong Yingjie, Tian Zhaolin and Yue Huanzhi lineages. Subjects include Jin (energies) and Yi (focus) practice, stances, sequences and sets, fundamental skills, sparring, all weapons (straight sword, sabre, lance/staff, fan, halberd), health practices, theory, history, etc.



The Palms of the Eight Trigrams from the Liang Zhenpu and Cheng Tinghua lineages, as taught by my teachers Li Ziming and Fu Qinglong. Fundamental skills like circle walking and mobility, health practices, sets, theory, history, etc.

Shidaxing (Shanghai Xinyiliuhequan)


Less known than the other two Internal Martial Arts that I teach, this one is the oldest and most original of them all, dating from the 17th century. It is also called Henan Style Xingyiquan.

Wild and authentic fun practice! I teach fundamental skills, simple and complex sets of the Ten Animal Forms, traditional weapons (short staff, two-sectional staff, swords, etc.), body conditioning, sparring, theory, history, etc.


  • 1972-1978

Yoga practitioner

  • 1975-present

Chinese Martial Arts practitioner (Southern Chinese Martial Arts, Internal Martial Arts, Shaolin, Traditional Weapons, ...)

  • 1978-1982

studied Sinology and Anthropology @ Ghent University, Belgium

  • 1985-1986

studied Classical Chinese Philosophy @ Shanghai Fudan University; Chinese Internal Martial Arts @ Shanghai Sports University and Jingwu Athletic Association and Martial Arts, Taoist Alchemy, TCM and Taoist Medicine with private teachers

  • 1986-1990

research assistant and teaching Chinese @ Ghent University

  • 1985-present

anthropological  fieldwork on Taoism, Taoist Medicine, Taoist Alchemy, Internal Martial Arts, and Chinese Fine Arts

  • 1990

PhD on Internal Martial Arts, Qigong, and Internal Alchemy from Ghent University (summa cum laude)

  • 1990-present

teaching @ China Arts College CAC and researching @ Taoist Alchemical Studies Center TASC, Antwerp, Belgium; lecturing @ universities, conferences, and institutes in China and the West

  • 2022-present

elected Director of the World Council of Sinologists, Beijing

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