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The Results of a Lifetime of Study of

Prof. dr. Dan K.J. Vercammen & Angela Verkade


Both combine their expertise of Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Strength & Mobility training, Chinese Culture & Philosophy, Modern Research & ICT knowledge and are developing at this moment a very special Program.

The Taoist-Lifestyle Program


In the online program Internal Alchemy, Internal Martial Arts & Taoism are the main subjects. We offer you short programs, seminars, courses and lectures. But also an ongoing personal program is a possibility. In order to see some fundamental changes you need to study for at least three years. For your personal path, we can design with you a study program, so that we can guide you step-by-step into Taoist Internal Alchemy (Neidan), Internal Martial Arts (Neijiaquan), Yuanqigong, Daoyin, Self-care & Internal Practices (Neigong), Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese Culture. We share decades of knowledge with you in your self-paced online program. 


Other (short) programs we offer:


  • Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Program

  • Baguazhang Program

  • Yuanqigong Program

  • Xinyiliuhequan/Shidaxing Program

  • Special Chinese Strength & Mobility Program

All programs wil include a special hand-out & video's will be downloadable, so you can practice where and when you want. 


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Zegel logo Taoist-Lifestyle.png
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